General Rules

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything onsite! This is an opportunity to showcase your work. These rules may be changed without notice, but will be time-stamped and available at this URL.
Last updated on June 3, 2016.

  • Please ensure that your entry will run without administrative privileges. If do you require capabilities beyond those afforded to a normal desktop user please contact the compo team and we will evaluate your request.
  • There must be at least two entries per compo; related compos may be merged (e.g. demo and intro) if not enough entries are received
  • No individual or group may submit more than one entry in any compo.
  • All entries other than remote will be due to the organizers on Saturday June 4th at 6 PM. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties with Partymeister but we’ll let you know when it’s ready and you are encouraged to submit then if your entry is ready at that time. Use /party to upload your prod (preferred option). If for some reason you cannot use this option, email us at questions atsymbol to let us know.
  • Only entrants who are present at the party or have a representative present at the party can win prizes.
  • The democrew reserve the right to disqualify entries with racist, pornographic, or ultraviolent content, although we will discuss this matter in detail with the individuals concerned before passing a verdict.
  • Except for the interactive¬†compos we do not allow previously released material to be entered into any of our competitions. Please see the interactive¬†compo rules for details on this exception.
  • All entries will be livestreamed on SceneSat and made freely available in some form for download on
  • Only submit work that is your own. For a cooperative prod, cooperators must have assigned all their rights to you. Everyone involved in a production must agree to enter the production.
  • Do not use content in your entries unless you have a legal license to use that content. This means no ripped music, no movie snippets, no close-ups of trademarked logos, etc. Violations will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Pure video and animation playback is only accepted in the Wild category. If entered into another category it will be disqualified.
  • All executable productions must terminate gracefully when the Escape key or system equivalent is pressed.
  • Unless otherwise noted all entries have a maximum runtime of 8 minutes including loading / precalc.

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